Welcome to ralphgriffiths.com!

My name is Ralph. I'm a Co-founder & Director of Performance at Tempus in Sydney, Co-founder and Head Lecturer at Shift PT, and occasional Personal Trainer.

Over the course of my 14+ years as a trainer and coach, I have worked with a wide range of clients, including Olympic athletes, professional bodybuilders, stay at home mums and paraplegics. This experience has left me confident in my ability to work with people from all walks of life.

Although I primarily manage and teach other fitness professionals these days, I continue to work with a small number of in-person and online clients. I also like to write and film educational content, which I share via my youtube and social media outlets. Please continue to browse the website for that content most relevant to your needs.


My credentials:

  1. Co-founder & Director of Performance at Tempus

  2. Co-founder and Head Lecturer at Shift PT

  3. NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (Distinction)

  4. Lvl. 3 Fitness Australia certified Personal Trainer

  5. B.Sc. Kinesiology (Highest honors)

  6. A.S.S Business management (Highest honors)

  7. Teaching assistant @University of Illinois:

    • Applied Musculoskeletal Anatomy

    • Gross Anatomy

  8. Research fellow at the GAIT lab in Chicago, Illinois.

  9. 14+ years helping people find their best performance and physique. (See testimonials here.)