STAGES Training System

STAGES Training System provides a functional exercise progression plan aimed at maximizing the health benefits of your fitness program. At its base level, STAGES is a blueprint—a guide developed to cover all the essential facets of fitness. Rather than specializing in one aspect of fitness (muscle building, power lifting, weight loss, etc.), STAGES addresses universal performance principles that can be applied to any goal.

STAGES addresses the needs of the everyman or women: Joint mobility and stability to improve posture and reduce pain, muscular strength to increase physical performance, balance to reduce the chance of injury. The full body movements used in STAGES work outs have also been proven to burn around 50% more calories per minute than common gym workouts, allowing for accelerated fat loss. Additionally, a tailored cardio program and food coaching are key components in the STAGES approach to fitness.

The 3 primary tiers in STAGES Training Systems are:

·      STAGE 1- Build a Fitness Foundation:

-       Learn the ability to stabilize and balance using the core (core stability)

-       Achieve efficient and full range of motion in fundamental movement patterns (functional mobility)

-       Correct flexibility asymmetries (postural alignment)

-       Gain full body awareness and control (proprioception)

·      STAGE 2- Master Strength Fundamentals:

-       Address strength compensations and asymmetries

-       Master fundamental strength exercise form and efficiency

-       Use progressively greater resistance to increase training intensity  

·      STAGE 3- Learn Dynamic Movement:

-       Achieve proficiency in dynamic, functional movement

-       Apply plyometric and other advanced training methods to maximize work out benefits, promote calorie burning and stimulate muscular development

-       Learn to self-correct and manage a progressive training program  

 Each stage has been designed to progress fluidly from one to the next, so that the fundamentals learnt in STAGE 1 build a foundation for strength training in STAGE 2, and so on. This allows the body to learn and adapt before moving on to higher levels of exercise complexity and intensity, and is designed to supply the maximum benefit while avoiding movement compensation and injury.