“First move well, then move often.”

-Gray Cook


In STAGE 1 you will establish movement authenticity. This means re-claiming the patterns that allow high levels of injury resistance, strength and speed. The priorities of STAGE 1 are listed below:

1.    Establish fitness habits and behavior.  (Regular, scheduled exercise + food and lifestyle adjustments)

2.    Re-awaken correct breathing mechanics

3.    Improve body awareness

4.    Learn fundamentals of efficient movement and posture

STAGE 1 uses the Functional Movement Screen to rank your fundamental movement proficiencies. We use the patterns you’re good at to begin building strength. In the meantime, we address the patterns you struggle with using corrective exercise. Once you gain proficiency in a pattern, it is addedto your resistance training to further cement your mastery of the movement. This method addresses the need for hard work to improve performance, while ensuring you never add intensity to a pattern that you can't perform well. Once you reach proficiency in all fundamental patterns, you're ready for the challenges of STAGE 2.

The importance of posture and breathing:

During times of high stress we have a tendency to form postural compensations, which, in turn, cause us to fall out of sync with our breath. Without correct posture and breathing we don’t supply our muscles with the oxygen they need to perform and recover. Faulty posture and breathing also decrease metabolic activity. When this happens frequently, compensations “stick” and we need help to find good posture and breathing again. Because of this, posture and breathing are considered essential facets of STAGE 1 training.


STAGE 1 includes a conditioning program designed to address the cardiovascular facet of fitness.  This is primarily in the form of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which provides the greatest cardiovascular benefit without sacrificing improvements in strength and power. If endurance is the goal, then steady-state training may also be incorporated.


The “Other Stuff”:

STAGE 1 is the time to develop habits in regards to “the Other Stuff.” By this I mean everything other than training that we can leverage to maximize your health and fitness. In aide of this, STAGE 1 includes food coaching, sleep and stress management and strategies to increase ancillary movement throughout your day. Each week we’ll choose one element (food, sleep, stress, etc.) and take action to improve it in some tangible way.

By putting all these fundamentals of fitness together and using an objective movement quality assessment tool (the FMS) to measure your progress, we establish an internal environment that maximizes both your movement and metabolic efficiency and allows you to make use of the physical challenge of STAGE 2!

Coaching regularity:

Coaching during STAGE 1 is 3x per week. The benefits of high training regularity are 4-fold:

1.     Maximizes the accelerated gains possible during your initial weeks of training.

2.     Helps you adhere to the fitness routine during the most tenuous time in the training cycle (before you’ve formed good fitness habits.)

3.     Guarantees correct technique is being used at all times and allows for regular movement quality re-assessment.

4.     Allows for a high degree of food coaching support and rapport building between client and trainer.

Progression requirements:

1.     4 weeks of STAGE one completed.


1.     All FMS movements reach a minimum score of 2.

2.     Mastery of basic strength movements.