STAGES: Testimonials

Through correct program progression and well constructed periodization, STAGES is able to cater to a whole host of client needs.

Here are some of the things enrollee's have had to say about training with STAGES.

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Michelle Packwood, 31, designer

"18 months ago I was in a severe car accident, fracturing my neck and suffering severe whiplash. After seeing physiotherapists and osteopaths over the following 12 months with little to no improvement to my constant discomfort and chronic pain, I began working with Ralph. When we first met, I could barely lift my arms above my head without excruciating pain. Ralph's focus on postural correction and targeted exercise to address my weaknesses has seen my mobility and strength improve rapidly. Not only that, but my injury has begun to correct itself and my chronic pain has reduced significantly, leading to an improved quality of life.
I still have a long way to go, but Ralph's constant support and positive reinforcement have really given me the motivation to continue with my training and to be honest, has really changed my life." -September 2016



Max Wright, 15, student athlete

"I have had 5 sessions with Ralph, and he has been great fun to work train with! We are going into STAGE 2 of our program and I've noticed a huge improvement in my overall strength and size. More specifically, and without exaggeration, I’ve doubled my strength in the deadlift, squat and press. I've also moved from being able to just barely perform 2 pull ups, to smashing out 5 as part of my daily training routine. Ralph has been amazing along the way, making sure I'm performing the movements correctly and always progressing from week to week. He is a awesome trainer and I would highly recommend STAGES as a strength building routine!" -August 2016

Luca Versiglia, 26, bar manager

"I've never been so strong and worked out so little!" -August 2016